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On August 3, 2019, Inner Mongolia Cultural Research Camp was successfully established. "The sky is pale, the wilderness is vast, the wind blows the grass to see the cattle and sheep." Beautiful, rich and mysterious Inner Mongolia prairie has always been the place of childhood yearning. This summer, the Lion King Camp set sail in Inner Mongolia, leading children to grassland and desert, experiencing happy and self-confident growth in grassland and desert!


During the six-day summer camp activities, the campers not only recognized the small partners from all over the country, but also appreciated the endless grassland and desert intertwined unique scenery.They tasted the delicious food with local characteristics and felt the local customs. In a series of interesting projects, such as horse riding, grassland football, camel riding and sand skiing, the small camp members learn to cooperate with each other and to love and help each other.


Behind the brilliant journey of the small battalion members, the silent efforts of the battalion elders are indispensable. In order to improve the safety of a project, they repeatedly test and reduce the risk, in order to let the small battalion members have better infrastructure. After careful consideration, we have formulated a 1:5 ratio between the battalion leaders and battalion members.The battalion area has professional security 24-hour patrols. Team counselors, life managers and medical staff travel all the way to ensure that the small battalion members in a safe environment, harvest an unforgettable time!



On the first day, the campers arrived in Inner Mongolia from all over the country. After a short rest, they attended the well-prepared opening ceremony of the battalion elders. After the ceremony, we introduced ourselves. In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the children became familiar with each other.



The next day, the campers came to the Prairie of Whitenhill with their teachers. Occasionally, a few gauze-like clouds float across the blue sky. They are clear blue . It's as if the heart would be a little cleaner at a glance. Looking at the vast prairie strewn with yurts and windmills, the children were deeply attracted by the wonderful prairie scenery in front of them. Horse riding, grassland football, grassland tug-of-war, Mongolian yurt construction and a series of projects have made children deeply in love with this vast grassland.

Horse riding, grassland football, grassland tug of war, Mongolian yurt construction and a series of projects let children feel the wisdom and courage of the Mongolian people. Children who have lived in the city for a long time run wantonly on the grassland, exuding vigor. Free and clean air is a luxury in the city, but here it can be enjoyed without restraint.

到了晚上,孩子们享受到到了草原的特色大餐——烤全羊,经历过正式的开启仪式,草原上热情的牧民给每个小朋友进献了代表着美好祝愿的 。为了让孩子们更亲近蒙古族的文化,我们安排了一晚蒙古包住宿。小营员们按年龄划分成小组,稍大一点的孩子照顾小一点的孩子,协同分工,互相照顾,学会谦让和包容,极大地培养了孩子们的责任心。

In the evening, the children enjoyed the featured meal of roasting whole sheep on the grassland.After the formal opening ceremony, the enthusiastic people on the grassland presented Hada, representing good wishes to every child. In order to bring the children closer to Mongolian culture, we arranged a night's accommodation in Mongolian yurts. Small campers are divided into groups according to their age. Older children take care of younger children, cooperate in division of labor and take care of each other, which greatly cultivates children's sense of responsibility.





On the third day, the children came to Inner Mongolia Museum of Natural History. The children were overwhelmed by the rich and varied historical relics. Among them, the children's favorite is the exhibition hall of the ancient world. Looking at the fossils of dinosaurs and ancient animals, the children couldn't help but admire it.

It has abundant resources advantages such as paleontological fossils, living organisms, historical relics, national cultural relics, etc. It describes the complete image of Inner Mongolia from macro to micro systems, with distinct personality and fascinating.

In the afternoon, the children returned to the city endlessly and visited the Mengniu Milk Culture Museum together. To witness the whole process of milk production, greatly satisfied their curiosity, but also personally participated in the process of milking, and gained a novel experience. Finally, eating Mengniu's new ice-lolly ice-cream, the children kept smiling.


On the fourth day, the children came to the desert and saw the camels in the desert boat. The children were very excited. They then experienced camel riding, desert volleyball, desert treasure hunting and thrilling sand sliding under the leadership of the camp teachers. Nearly 75 degrees of slope, let the children experience a thrilling and unusual sand skiing journey in the overflowing yellow sand.


On the fifth day, the children visited the Inner Mongolian National Customs Park, witnessed the production process of hand-painted shawls, leather paintings and other national handicraft, and increased their knowledge. They also began to DIY traditional handicraft, dedicated to every stroke and stitching. It was a hand-made gift for their family, perhaps not very beautiful, but they poured all their love into it. I believe that at the moment parents receive gifts, it has nothing to do with value or value. The grateful heart and deep concern of children can not be measured by anything.



On the sixth day of the camp ceremony, the children reluctantly left the land which brought them joy and happy memories after embracing and cherishing each other. At the same time, they are looking forward to the next battalion life. A good battalion is not only the end of a few days'life in the battalion, but also depends on whether the children really gain and grow up. Children who have participated in Inner Mongolia Cultural Research Camp can not be forgotten as long as they remember every bit of their experience in the camp. Because there are camp teachers who regard them as their own, and brothers and sisters who respect and love each other. It is believed that after these days of camp life, the children have relaxed physically and mentally, broadened their horizons and gained a positive attitude towards life.


Lion King Camp is a professional team with experience in organizing and operating student activities. There are professional leaders, experienced trainers and well-trained on-site teachers to provide strong security for the small battalion members. The core issues involved in the whole activity, such as itinerary, teachers and safety, have been carefully studied and discussed. In terms of supporting services, food hygiene and traffic safety are our top concerns. We sincerely hope that every small battalion member can find independent, strong and friendly spiritual strength from team activities.


The wonderful moments


Lion King Camp can not only leave unforgettable memories for children, but also provide continuous help and support for the whole family. During the period before and after the camp, we have maintained interactive communication with the camp members and their parents, tracking their children's growth status, not only supporting the children, but also supporting the parents, so we have won unanimous praise from the parents!